The office of president was created for the first meeting of the Society in 1994.

Year Meeting venue President
1994 Pescara Dr Morey Moreland (USA)
1996 Stockholm Dr Dirk Uyttendaele (Belgium)
1998 Burlington Dr Dirk Uyttendaele (Belgium)
2000 Clermont Ferrand Dr Stig Willner (Sweden)
2002 Athens Dr Nobumasa Suzuki (Japan)
2004 Vancouver Dr Hubert Labelle (Canada)
2006 Ghent Dr Ian Stokes (USA)
2008 Liverpool Dr Keith Bagnall (Canada)
2010 Montreal Dr Theo Grivas (Greece)
2012 Posnan Dr Carl-Eric Aubin (Canada)
2014 Sapporo Dr Jack Cheng (Hong Kong)
2016 Banff Dr Jim Raso (Canada)
2018 Utrecht Dr Rene Castelein (Netherlands)

Note: Dr Stig Willner (Sweden) died in office and Dr Dirk Uyttendaele was acting president at Clermont Ferrand

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