The International Research Society of Spinal Deformities (IRSSD) was established in 1994 to advance the study and research into SpinalDeformities for the public benefit.

The object of the Society is to provide a forum for the presentation and encouragement of research relating to spinal deformity and todisseminate the results of such research.

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5 days ago
Foot, #footwear #orthotics #AFOs and a lot more. Full program for #sccb2019 now available. You can join us #live from anywhere in the world. Register Now ! Please visit @NachiC IntRSSD photo
6 days ago
Today is World Sleep Day. Does lack of sleep affect your work? Or do you know someone who is always tired? Sleep is essential for maintaining levels of cognitive skill. Read more in our blog: #WSD2019 IntRSSD photo
1 week ago
T-shirts are available to buy in support of the Scoliosis Campaign Fund and The RNOH Charity for the 'Back the Back Walk' for International Scoliosis Awareness Day on the 30th June!
1 week ago
Why are musculoskeletal conditions the biggest contributor to morbidity? Take a look at our new blog for insight and information: #PHEHealthProfiles
2 weeks ago
One of our most popular stories over the last month: Three reasons why the periodic table needs a redesign IntRSSD photo
2 weeks ago
@Docorange1 Can’t make the Thursday but looking forward to the rest....


The next IRSSD Meeting will be held on 11-13 June 2020 in Milwaukee, USA


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